Meet our Pre-construction Condo Experts. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, all with a wealth of real estate knowledge, our agents are here to serve you. Condo Select’s agents will walk you through every step of the purchase process and give you the benefit of their expertise.
Our expert agents want to talk with you about your pre-con investment.


Rob D’Souza

Halton/Etobicoke Expert

With a history in finance, Rob has been able to intertwine both with real estate and finance into one, which has helped him become one of our most self-assured, truth worthy, and resourceful pre-construction agent at Condo Select. With his consistency and cadence, Rob has built a reputation for himself of leaving clients with the best possible buying experience ever. 

“Hard work pays off in the long run.”

Natalya Kuzminova

West-Toronto Expert

Natalya brought her 10 years of experience of commerce and retail management to real estate 5 years ago. With the knowledge, she had gained through her sales and investment exposure, Natalya has gained a reputation for giving her clients the best experience with her top-notch expertise. 

“Everything is difficult before its easy.”

Gary Matos

East-Toronto Expert

Through listening, learning, and putting in his maximized effort in every client. Gary has built himself a reputation for being the most genuine pre-construction agent yet though out the past 5 years. With tenacious and his ability to deal with sales sensibly and realistically, you will not be left with any surprises throughout your buying experience. 

“If people don’t accept you at your worst then they don’t deserve you at your best.”

Tony Peters

West-Toronto Expert

With 6 years of real estate experience, Tony has become one of our top sales associates through his ability to show his clients diligence, dedication, and trustworthiness throughout each one of their experiences in buying pre-construction condos.  

” Who dares, wins.”

Elias Mouawad

North-Toronto Expert

Elias’s goal as a real estate agent is to assist clients to achieve their dreams of owning their first home or investment property. With 6 years of pre-construction experience, Elias has gotten to know the market like the back of his hand and is ready to jump through hoops for anyone interested to have an amazing buying experience. 

“Be yourself.”

Hassan Shokil

Mississauga Expert

With over 10 years of pre-construction experience, Hassan has the learned insides and outs of the Mississauga pre-construction market. Through working as a sales representative with multiple condos in the past with developers, Hassan will guarantee you get everything you need to have a breathtaking home or investment property. 

“Because Soona is always better than later.”

Elias Mardani

Etobicoke Expert

By surrounding himself with people the eat, sleep, and breath the pre-construction condominium market, Elias has become an astonishing real estate agent. With 7 years of experience, Elias will surely leave you can anyone else 100% satisfied with any purchase you make with him by educating you through the process of buying. 

“There is no substitute for hard work.”

Daniel Forte

Mississauga Expert

Through Daniel’s ability in being transparent, honest, and loyal. Daniel has been recognized for putting his client’s best interest first through listening to his client’s needs “because at the end of the day it is your home/investment.” Being known as one of the pre-construction experts here at Condo Select and his brokerage you know you will be taken good care of. 

“Put your best foot forward.”

Imran Zaidi

Mississauga Expert

Through getting to know you and your needs Imran will surely help you find your dream new home/investment. With Imran, you should expect the best of the best, with his knowledge and negotiation skills you will not be left disappointed with your purchase.  

“Happiness is a choice.”

Ishpal Sethi

Toronto Expert

By being consistent and hardworking, Ish will make sure to be there for you for whenever you need him. With his knowledge of the market, he will be your own personal investment guide for purchasing your next dream home or investment property.  

“Never change the personal touch you offer.”